Monday, October 03, 2005

VG REVIEW: The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction

A busy weekend kept me from posting, so here's a video game review that's comic book-related to make up for it. This ran in the Patriot-News last Sunday, Oct. 2.

Vivendi Universal
for the PlayStation 2, Xbox and GameCube
rated T for Teen (language, violence), $49.99

RATING: Three stars

Hello, puny newspaper readers. Incredible Hulk here.

Normally, the review of new Hulk game, "Hulk: Ultimate Destruction," would be written by puny video game critic Christopher Mautner. But Hulk threatened to smash Mautner if he not let Hulk write review. Mautner smart man and chose latter option.

So, time for review. "Ultimate Destruction" easily best "Hulk" game ever made, though that not really saying much. Stupid X-Men always get good games while Hulk languish in development hell.

Anyway, in game, you play as Hulk (big surprise), who, at urging of alter ego puny Bruce Banner uncovers some sort of government conspiracy while attempting to find cure for becoming Hulk (Ha! Hulk not think that likely!). Or maybe not. Hulk got a little confused as plot not game’s strong suit.

"Destruction" play a lot like "Spider-Man 2." Like that game, you run around in large city, taking on "missions." Missions range from smashing stuff to fetching stuff to smashing more stuff. In between you can play mini-games, like checkpoint races and jumping contests.

In fact, only difference between "Spider-Man" game and "Hulk" game is instead of saving people, you smash them. And cars. And buildings. And just about anything else you see in game.

The good news is smashing things is lots of fun, thanks to special powers video game Hulk has. For example, Hulk can jump really far, run up buildings and take a car and turn it into steel gloves. Which is pretty neat trick though Hulk doesn’t remember doing that in comic book adventures.

Hulk can also buy moves with special Smash Points that Hulk gets upon completing a mission or mini-game. These moves let Hulk do things like grab missiles, jump onto helicopters or make big booms by hitting the ground. Game isn’t stingy in giving Smash Points, which is nice, and extra powers keep game from getting dull.

There are problems. Game’s camera can often get stuck in corners, making it easy for enemies to sneak up on you. Hulk not like that.

Hulk especially not like way enemies gang up on you all at once, making you die before you have chance to fight back. That cheap shot and make Hulk really angry. Makes Hulk think about smashing game developers.

If, like Hulk, you like games about smashing things, then this game for you. "Ultimate Destruction" fun, but Hulk wishes for game that showed Hulk’s softer, feminine side. Hulk like puppies, Sinatra albums and Anne Geddes posters, too. Bet you not know that about Hulk.

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At 2:38 PM, Blogger Unknown said...

Hahahahaha! I obviously didn't read this article when it ran in the newspaper. Funny stuff! :)

At 6:38 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

nice blog posted.Hulk is a super genius turned no brainer super strength beast when he get angry or is also full of action and thrills.just come and download The Incredible Hulk will definitely like this.


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