Sunday, February 26, 2006

My NYCC diary

Boy am I glad I just went on Friday. I can just see myself getting turned away by the fire marshall Saturday and having spent all that time and travel for nothing.

Anyway, I did a not-so-brief write up of my impressions of the first day of the New York Comic-Con for one of the more notable comics sites -- I'm not sayin' who until if and when it gets posted (sometime tomorrow morning I imagine). In the meantime, however, enjoy these photos. If it's content you're looking for, though, you can't do much better than Chris Butcher's insightful and very funny look at the show. He does a much better job than I ever could of summing it up.

Nothing says comic convention like a Batman made of Legos.

Your requisite Modok photo for the day.
I'm thinking he should see a doctor for that irritable bowel problem.

After I took this picture, the Smurf gave me a big thumbs-up.
I don't know if you've ever been given the thumbs-up sign
by a guy in a smurf suit, but it's a good feeling.

First Transformers, then G.I. Joe. Now Smurfs.
That makes it official, my childhood refuses to go away.

The creators of "Sokora Refugees" talk about their book at the Tokyopop booth.

I wonder if that Dr. Light action figure comes with special rape action?

An art teacher painted comic characters from the past 100 years onto his Ford Model A
and put it on display at the show. You can read all about the car here.

This guy really freaked me out.

They had gaming tables upstairs courtesy of Wizards of the Coast
way up on the top floor, but no one seemed to be aware of them
and they were pretty sparsely attended.

They had video games up on the top floor too. Here are some people playing
DDR and Guitar Hero, but, as you can see, only a few folks ventured upstairs.

I'll leave you with this photo of some MTV bozo in a monkey suit
busily embarassing himself and those around him.


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