Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Stars: Yea or nay?

When I write my video game reviews for the Patriot-News, I usually give each game a star rating, one being the lowest, four being the highest (yeah, I know, just like everyone else). When posting the reviews here on the blog, I've been avoiding including the star ratings, mainly because I don't like them. I do it for the paper because it's expected, but I generally find star or letter or whatever rating systems to be flawed and not as useful (or entertaining) as actually reading the entire review. Giving a game two and a half stars doesn't really tell you very much about that particular game.

But maybe I'm wrong. Perhaps I should be rethinking my initial bias. I put it to you dear P&P reader, would you prefer having the star ratings with the review or not? Have I been an ass for excluding them or should I keep on keeping on? Or should I use some other, completely different rating system altogether?

Let me know what you think.


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