Thursday, July 27, 2006

I should probably post something

Egad but I've been busy this week. That's what happens when co-workers go on vacation I suppose. Still, I've been trying lately to not go too long without putting something up on the blog, so here's some items of note:

* Sony is offering a trial demo of LocoRoco, a PSP game that looks rather intriguing. To spur folks into trying it, they're offering free stuff like new sound and wallpaper files for your handheld. Go here to learn more. Offer ends Aug. 19.

* Knowing how many Table Tennis fans there are out there, I should also mention that a playable demo of the game is available for downloading over at the Xbox Live Marketplace.

* Let's see, what else? I'm pretty stoked about IDW's announcement that they're going to be reprinting Chester Gould's Dick Tracy. Next to Popeye and Peanuts, Tracy is probably one of my all time favorite comic strips, full of blood, violence and grotesque characters. It's quite amazing to see what Gould got away with considering most of today's G-rated strips.

Anyway, I'm about as unfamiliar with IDW's output as you can get, but I look forward to seeing how they handle the material. Fingers are indeed crossed.


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