Sunday, November 13, 2005

Haspiel & Wood sign comics just for me

Coffee and comics: together at last

So the big RIOT signing in Camp Hill was yesterday and I dragged the whole family along just for fun. While there wasn't a line out the door, there were a few folks milling about in the store and owner Jason Richards said they'd had a pretty regular stream of people, including some who had seen the article in the paper. Hopefully people continued to show up after we left as well.

"This is my 'feign interest' face."

While my son dived into the candy bowl, my daughter read an Archie comic, and my wife wrangled the two of them, I chatted up Dean and Brian and got them to sign some books. I already had a copy of "the Quitter," but I picked up the new issue of the Escapist, which features a new story by Harvey and Dean.

Brian Wood in repose

I also picked up Brian's new books, "Local" and "DMZ," as well as the first "Couriers" collection. I'm not as familiar with Brian's work as I'd like to be, so I look forward to checking out these books this week.

I swear to God this photo was not staged. Well, maybe a little.

In short, Brian and Dean were very gracious and a good time was had by all, until we said farewell and bundled everyone back into the car. Along with the Archie comic and some lollipops, naturally.


At 1:25 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cool of you to head out to the event. We're having a signing this weekend and I'm hoping we get a decent turn-out, I appreciate it when people get out there and participate in the medium.

- Chris


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