Sunday, March 19, 2006

So far behind

I went to see V for Vendetta this weekend. Hopefully I'll get around to posting my thoughts on it though no cries of "well duh" if I note that the book was better please.

Speaking of Alan Moore, there's been a flurry of interviews with him in the wake of the film's release. Heidi at the Beat contributed this rather impressive two-part interview. The New York Times did a piece here. And even MTV got into the act.

Last week was a particularily good one for comics interviews. Over at the Comics Reporter, Bruce Chislip interviewed Carol Tyler. And Dark Horse has an interview with Lone Wolf And Cub co-creator Kazuo Koike.

In the video game side of things, you've no doubt heard by now about the PlayStation 3's push back from "spring" to November. I was talking with one of the editors over at for my column next week, and she was basically saying that it doesn't really matter if there aren't enough PS3s for everyone, or if they are defective or if the initial run of games suck ass. Sony will release the console in November because that's the holiday season and there will be massive hype and stories everywhere about how it's the toy of the year and absolutely impossible to find. So no one will fault you if you decide to wait until 2007 to buy one.


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