Friday, April 21, 2006

Still catching up

Had a lovely conversation with First Second editorial director extraordinaire Mark Siegel this morning. He comes off as a very nice gentleman who is devoted to publishing comics and has been thinking quite a bit about how to take the art form to the next level. We had a lovely conversation about the changing state of the graphic novel in America, FS's debut line-up and how cute our respective kids are.

My talk with Mr. Siegel, as well as reviews of the First Second line-up will be one of the features for the newly revamped Graphic Lit column. Coming soon to a blog near you.

In other news ...

Publisher's Weekly has a big story about the upcoming Halo graphic novel.

Heidi at the Beat says a video game version of Frank Miller's "The 300" is being developed (ideally to tie into the upcoming movie no doubt).

Finally, I'd like to request a moritorium on pop songs about Superman. Now, please.


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