Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Resistance, Wii Sports and more

Of course, a console is no good without some games to play. So, as promised, here's my look at some of the launch titles for the PS3 and Wii.

“Resistance: Fall of Man” (Sony, rated M, $59.99). Anointed the “must-have launch game” because of a lack of competition, “Resistance” is an entertaining, well-made, first-person WWII shooter that pits you against marauding aliens instead of the Axis powers. It’s nothing you haven’t seen in a million other fps games, though the ability to go online in 40-player death matches is a nice feature. Grade: B+

“NBA 07” (Sony, rated E, $59.99). This is probably the title I enjoyed the most, and I’m not even a big basketball fan. Making full use of the console’s high-def abilities, “NBA” looks great and makes good use of the Sixaxis controller, turning it clockwise for example, to have a player spin. Grade: A-

“Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07” (Electronic Arts, rated E, $59.99). The PS3 version of the popular golf franchise is full-featured and fun, but it’s also a bit too similar to the Xbox 360 version. Grade: B

“Need for Speed Carbon” (Electronic Arts, rated E 10+, $59.99). A by-the-numbers street racer that nonetheless manages to offer up its share of thrills. Grade: B

“Madden 07” (Electronic Arts, rated E, $59.99). Sure, the game looks fantastic, but the controls feel wonky, with some noticeable lag time. Wait for next year’s edition. Grade: B-

“Untold Legends: Dark Kingdoms” (Sony, rated T, $59.99). A disappointing and repetitive fantasy role-playing game that encourages mindless button mashing and little else. Grade: C+

“Genji: Days of the Blade” (Sony, rated T, $59.99). This is next-gen gaming? Dull hack and slashing combined with a horribly placed camera that constantly gets in your way? Not to mention assorted bugs. Pass, thanks. Grade: C-

Wii Games

“Wii Sports” (Nintendo, rated E). Packaged with the console, “Wii Sports” does an excellent job of showcasing the Wii’s features. Whether swinging your arm like a golf club, tennis racket or baseball bat, the controls are intuitive and a lot of fun. It’s a perfect party game. Grade: A

“The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess” (Nintendo, rated T, $49.99). Our hero, Link, goes werewolf in this epic, well-designed fantasy game. Players swing, stab and aim their controllers like a sword or bow to dispatch various villains. “Princess” is similar in structure to past Zelda games, but for fans that’s far from a bad thing. Grade: A-

“Excite Truck” (Nintendo, rated E, $49.99). This is a fast-paced, fun racing game that makes good use of the Wii controller (which you hold sideways and tilt left and right to steer). Lack of strong multiplayer features means there isn’t much replay value, but it’s a great pick-up-and-play title nevertheless. Grade: B+

“Super Monkey Ball Banana Blitz” (Sega, rated E, $49.99). As before, you guide a small monkey trapped in a clear ball through a hazardous maze. Using the Wii controller, however, makes the experience a lot more intuitive and fun. Too bad the mini-games are so disappointing, though. Grade: B

“Tony Hawk’s Downhill Jam” (Activision, rated E 10+, $49.99). This spin-off turns the popular skateboarding franchise into a downhill racing game packed with insufferable cartoon characters. The basic design is decent enough, but the game play is too simplistic and watered down. Grade: C+

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