Wednesday, September 14, 2005

VG REVIEW: EyeToy Play 2

OK, let's kick this thing off with a review of the new EyeToy game. This first saw print last Sunday, Sept. 11, so it's not too moldy.

Sony, for the PlayStation 2, rated E10+ for everyone 10 and older, $49.99.

Sony continues its attempt to ingratiate its camera peripheral upon the video-game-playing public with this sequel to the first "EyeToy " game. The good news is that it's an enjoyable game.

The concept is the same as before. "Play 2" is a collection of mini-games such as ping-pong, soccer and boxing. The catch is that you use the "EyeToy " camera to project your image directly into the television set.

In other words, your body becomes the controller with you literally serving as the star of the show.

The games are clever and enjoyable, if a little simplistic. In "Secret Agent," for example, you have to avoid search lights and laser beams while trying to collect keys to break out of prison. "Mr. Chef" has you building burgers, mashing tomatoes, flipping pancakes and other culinary exercises. And in "DIY" you get to tear apart trees with a variety of handyman tools.

There are also a handful of multiplayer games and a Playroom, which offers a more sedate game experience, using sound and movement to rave up your TV screen.

The real item of note here, however, is the "EyeToy Cameo," which makes a digital "mask" of your head and uses it in the game as, say, a punching bag. Which is great if you have any serious
self-loathing issues you need to work out.

The only serious problem with "Play 2" is what just about every other "EyeToy " game faces, that the camera needs a heck of a lot of light in order to work properly.

Playing late at night, I found certain corners of the screen refused to respond to my hand movements no matter how frantically I waved my arms. Daytime was better, but I still needed to have some lights on.

Like the first game, "EyeToy Play 2" is a fun party game that will best be enjoyed with friends and family.

The nice thing about this series is that you don't need to have any familiarity with video games or what button does what in order to play. Anyone from 3 to 83 can enjoy this game. Just make sure your party has a lot of light to go around.

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