Thursday, January 26, 2006

Solid Snake comics for your PSP

Here's something interesting (well, at least I think it's interesting). Konami unveiled their line-up for the coming year yesterday, and midst all the sequels, handheld knock-offs, DDR titles and whatnot was the announcement for a new, interactive Metal Gear Solid comic for the PSP.

Art chores will be handled by Ashley Wood, who has done art for "Spawn" and the Metal Gear Solid comic book adaptations. No street date or price has been announced for this title yet, which is tentatively being called "Metal Gear Solid Digital Comic" (catchy). Nor is there any information on whether this will be an all-new story or just a rehash of the IDW titles.

I have serious doubts about just how "interactive" this "comic" will be, but MGS mastermind Kojima seems full-steam behind it, so it could turn out to be pretty interesting (emphasis on could).

GameSpot has more details about the comic here.

Real smooth there Snakey-boy.


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