Tuesday, May 16, 2006

01 to publish PoP

I had known about this for awhile, but had been asked to keep mum. Apparently now it's official, as Publisher's Weekly announced that First Second will be publishing a three-volume series on the popular Prince of Persia video game franchise. The books will be written by Carla Jablonski and drawn by LeUyen Pham. You can read all of the fascinating details here, along with some interesting items on other upcoming books in the FS pipeline.

Certainly, this will be pleasant news to fans of the games, which have a pretty strong following due to the overall high quality of the most recent titles. It will be interesting to see ihow they try to capture the swashbuckling, time-traveling aspects of the games into a sequential format. I'll definitely be checking them out, though I have plenty of reservations as few video-game tie-ins are strong enough to stand on their own.


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