Monday, June 12, 2006

Some more MoCCA thoughts

One thing I didn't mention in my CR report was that I was able to preview a number of upcoming books. First Second had samples of the upcoming Fall line out for perusal. I have to confess I'm very excited about Kampung Boy finally being made available on these shores, but other titles in their line-up, like American Born Chinese and Missouri Boy, looked good too.

Elsewhere, Mike Dawson showed me a copy of the as yet uncompleted Freddie and Me and hints were dropped that AdHouse might be publishing it. Chris Pitzer also had a galley of the upcoming Project: Romantic on display, which looked to be quite promising.

The cherry on the sundae, however, was checking out the proofs for the upcoming Kramer's Ergot 6. Good golly miss molly but this anthology just gets better with every edition.

I know I promised more photos, but looking them over I realized the best ones were posted yesterday. All the rest are too dark or are of the ceiling or my ugly mug. No one wants to look at that.


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