Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Send me your stereotypes

Dear readers, I need your help.

Right now I'm working on an article for the paper on different gamer stereotypes/cliches. It's sort of a fun look at the various "types" of people that play games, but I'm a little stuck coming up with material. Are there different types of gamers and if so, how do you tell them apart? How is the average rpg fan different from say an FPS fanatic? And what sets them apart from a hardcore MMORPG player? That sort of thing.

And before anyone jumps to conclusions, this is, as I said, supposed to be a fun, tongue-in-cheek look at how gamers see themselves. I'm quite sure all of the folks who read this blog play a wide variety of games and are not easily pigeonholed, so please, no noses out of joint. Rest assured, I am not interested in dredging up the usual negative stereotypes about how gamers are all desensitived, depraved, drooling fanboys incapable of forming coherent sentences and prone to violence. If anything, this article would show that there is a wide variety of different "gamers" out there.

Some headings I've come up with so far include:
The RPG fan
The FPS fan
The importer
The collector
The casual gamer
The fanboy

That's a bit of what I've got so far, but I could use some help fleshing out details. No, I don't want you to write my story for me, I'm just curious to hear what others think about this idea
. And yes, I will credit you if I use your suggestions.

Feel free to drop me a line either in the comments section, or via email.

Have at you.


At 1:09 AM, Blogger Kafka said...

The Hardcore

You can usually find him up late, prowling on empty servers while practicing deft mouse movements to make it onto the upper ledge, or spouting reams of memorized facts into your guild Ventrilo channel during battle. Don't ever look away from guildchat when Hardcore is around because when you look back, the page will be full of text. Never, ever play MUDS with Hardcore.

The Other Guy's Girlfriend

The utopia of gamedom, the girl that plays videogames and also has sex. This mythical creature is admired with abject fascination and wistful hints of jealousy. One feels absolutely compelled to bestow an unusual amount of energy and generosity upon her, as if subconsciously convinced that she will quickly see the error in her ways and realise that you are her one and only. This elusive nymph is unpredictable and dangerous, as one harsh word from her can ruin an entire evening.

At 10:48 PM, Blogger Steve said...

Hmmm, not too tough...

The Flight Sim wonk
The DDR/bemani freak
The MMORPG nerd
The GameBoy kid
The Madden fan
The foul-mouthed Xbox Live pre-teen
The old guy


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